We present you the 93rd issue of the weekly publication of the Student Scientific Club “Finance and Economy”, including: PIE estimates the value of e-commerce in Poland at PLN 63 billion in 2020: less and less strawberries on the domestic market, the average disposable income per person was PLN 1,493 / month in 2018, 9.2 million redundancies issued by doctors in I-IV 2019, costs as the biggest barrier for the development of Polish companies, electric scooters will be classified as vehicles, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority disagreed with the merger of Idea Bank and Getin Noble Bank, merger of Bank Millenium and Euro Bank, reduced involvement of foreign investors in Polish Treasury bonds, KNF directed the curator to Plus Bank, nearly PLN 5 billion of housing loans were granted in April 2019. On the markets: the zloty strengthened against the euro, copper and oil prices were rising. In addition, information about the energy company Tauron Polska Energia SA and the footwear market and the average selling price of a pair of footwear in Poland. Economic charts inform about the number of master’s degree graduates and the number of entities with foreign capital participation in Poland in 2017.

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