The 65th anniversary of the faculty was the occasion to invite researchers from national and foreign universities and scientific institutes, businessmen, practitioners, entrepreneurs, government officials and former students to join the faculty’s staff and participate in the celebration. The ceremonial celebrations included a two-day international conference entitled “Economic Sciences for Agribusiness and Rural Economy” with presentations given by researchers on various topics, the Alumni reunion, and a ceremonial jubilee session summarizing the activity of the faculty. The anniversary was under the honour patronage of the Marshal of Mazovian voivodeship, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and His Magnificience Rector WULS. It was also sponsored by Mlekovita, Warsaw Agricultural and Food wholesale market SA in Bronisze, and the Polish Institute of Agriculture RolnikON. The two-day conference took place on the 7th and 8th of June. Presentations given covered eight main topics listed below, highlighting issues of sustainability, economic development, adaptation, changes and innovation:

  • Adaptation processes of enterprises for implementing the principles of sustainable development
  • Transformations in agriculture and food economy in European countries
  • Agricultural markets in the era of integration and globalization
  • Policy towards agriculture and rural areas
  • Importance of social capital in local and regional development
  • Innovation of the national economy, with particular emphasis on agribusiness
  • Impact of the financial sector on agriculture, food industry and rural areas
  • Logistics as a factor in economic development

Scholars from Poland and from many other countries participate in the conference. Indeed, the Faculty hosted researchers and academic teachers from Albania, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and USA.

The first day of the conference started with the Jubilee session including a speech of the current Dean of the faculty, prof. Jarosław Gołębiewski, a speech of prof. Marian Binek, Vice-Rector for Research and Deputy Rector, and a presentation of the research and teaching activities of the faculty. The foreign guests were then invited to introduce themselves. These introduction speeches were followed by the first two-hour plenary session with presentations given in English.

The second day was dedicated to the second two-hour plenary session of presentations, followed by an afternoon of thematic presentations and the final closing conference of the ceremony. During the entire conference, the Faculty hosted about 410 participants, including 57 foreign ones from more than 30 academic institutions.